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The right equipment for every occasion

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Event catering1/8

Make your event unforgettable with our exclusive tableware, tablecloths and napkins. Every detail counts when it comes to making a lasting impression.

Corporate catering2/8

Present your company at its best. Our lunch boxes, coffee cups and serving trays reflect professionalism and quality.

Mobile catering3/8

Always be ready, no matter where you are. With our robust transport boxes, snack-to-go solutions and mobile warming units, you are equipped for any situation.

Drop-off catering4/8

Deliver perfection straight to your door. Our sealed menu boxes, disposable salad bowls and environmentally friendly packaging ensure that every meal arrives as it should.

Buffet catering5/8

Impress with a buffet that looks as good as it tastes. Our skirtings, catering platters and cutlery dispensers are the perfect addition to any buffet.

Finger food catering6/8

Small but mighty! Present your finger food with our special plates, wooden skewers and snack bowls.

Social Catering7/8

We have been working closely with social catering companies for years to develop high-quality products that are employee- and customer-friendly.

Trade fair catering8/8

Stay in the memory of your trade fair visitors. With our to-go cups, finger food plates and mobile catering solutions, your stand will be the highlight of any trade fair.

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